Artist Statement

Having worked in design and education for nearly 20 years, I returned to painting in 2017 to find and develop my creative voice. I began to explore the idea that what separates artists from everybody else, is their ability to rest comfortably in the unknown. The period between being asked a question and having an answer. This concept, as well as the effects of internal dialogue, during this period of ambiguity, is what drives and directs much of my work. The marks I make, and the colour palette I use are expressions of emotions which are deeply personal. 

My work evolves through a series of sittings, each a response to what came before. The initial stage is when I lay down a whimsical ground which is intuitive and not planned. After some time reflecting, I return to the canvas to refine the palette and remove unwanted texture through a process of abstraction. This is done by applying thin layers of translucent acrylic paint on top of a deeper, more opaque base. I then move into a more considered phase where my technique often becomes more graphic. At this point my intention is to find a sense of order and balance. Similar to the puzzle-like structures which are sometimes a feature of my work, the final result is a sort of ‘fitting’ together of the hastily applied background with a more defined, detail orientated foreground.

©2019 by Olga Evenden Art