©2019 by Olga Evenden Art


Acrylic on Canvas 2018-2019

An Exploration of Internal Attribution

I am interested in the idea that, what separates creatives from everybody else is their ability to reside comfortably in the unknown. This body of work is a contemplation of this period of ambiguity. A personal challenge to find a way, from the initial stages where a background is hastily applied with vague intention, to the final stages where all the pieces of a puzzle have found a home. Fundamentally I am interested in finding informal balance between the visual elements on the canvas and the colour palette and also how internal dialogue effects the final composition.  The results achieved inevitably end up having a whimsical yet expressive background with a more defined, detail oriented foreground. This is a happy marriage where my love of abstract expressive painting and my formal training in graphic design, can co-exist together. Feeling the push and pull of the artwork, I sit patiently in the unknown allowing the compositions to emerge organically without constraints.

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