I create bold expressive non-figurative paintings using acrylic paint, which demonstrate a conflict between my natural inclination towards a graphic style and my desire and aspiration to create raw painterly compositions. I am interested in how each of the elements within my compositions brings individual meaning to the whole. I am fascinated with how colour is an object in itself and how the unity and harmony within a work changes depending on how the colour and marks within the piece relate to each other. My intention is to arrive at a place where there is a cohesive unity between the colour, texture, lines and the marks I make. I am guided by my intuition and explore feelings and emotion to create works that are a visual representation of my internal experience.

My work evolves through a series of sittings, each a response to what came before. Initially, I lay down a whimsical ground which is intuitive and not planned. I then move into a more considered phase where I begin to piece together the arbitrary marks I have made. Similar to the puzzle-like structures which sometimes feature in my work, the final result is a sort of ‘fitting’ together of the hastily applied background with a more defined, detail orientated foreground.